Submissions from 2013


Disability History: Humanity Worth Defending, Darren W. Minarik and Timothy Lintner

Submissions from 2012


“Hometown History” Setting for Interdisciplinary Planning, Bridget Coleman, Lauren Stephens, and Timothy Lintner

From Social Studies to Social Action for a Disability Inclusive World, Deborah MacPhee and Timothy Lintner

Submissions from 2011

Using “Exceptional” Children’s Literature to Promote Character Education in Elementary Social Studies Classrooms, Timothy Lintner

The Push for Inclusive Classrooms and the Impact on Social Studies Design and Delivery, Darren Minarik and Timothy Lintner

Submissions from 2010


The Boys Like Action and the Girls Like Emotion, Timothy Lintner

Using Children's Literature to Promote Critical Geographic Awareness in Elementary Classrooms, Timothy Lintner

Submissions from 2008

Social Studies in Special Education Classrooms: A Glimpse Behind the Closed Door, Timothy Lintner and Windy Schweder

Submissions from 2007

Mapping a Secret: Introducing Mental Mapping Through Select Children’s Literature, Dawn Bryant, Susan Gerstenberger, and Timothy Lintner

Critical Race Theory and the Teaching of American History: Power, Perspective, and Practice, Timothy Lintner

Getting off the Back Burner: The Impact of Testing Elementary Social Studies as Part of a State-mandated Accountability Program, Kenneth E. Vogler, Timothy Lintner, George B. Lipscomb, Herman Knopf, Tina L. Heafner, and Tracy C. Rock

Submissions from 2006

Hurricanes and Tsunamis: Teaching about Natural Disasters and Civic Responsibility in Elementary Classrooms, Timothy Lintner

Submissions from 2005

Continents and Oceans: Promoting Geography in a First Grade Classroom, D Bridgmon, J Maciaszek, A Simpkins, and Timothy Lintner

Somewhere in the World: The Integration of Language Arts and Geography in Elementary Classrooms, H Bussey, R Wates, and Timothy Lintner

A World of Difference: Teaching Tolerance Through Photographs in Elementary School, Timothy Lintner

Reconfiguring Observation Roles in a Field-placement Setting, Timothy Lintner


An Evening Teacher Certification Program Designed for Adult Learners, Timothy Lintner and Susanne Brown

Submissions from 2004

The Savage and the Slave: Critical Race Theory, Racial Stereotyping, and the Teaching of American History, Timothy Lintner

Submissions from 2003


American Indian Doctorate Receipt 1980-2000: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis, Timothy Lintner


Using Multiple Intelligence Theory to Teach K-2 Geography, Timothy Lintner

Submissions from 2001

The Impact of the PACT and the Role of South Carolina's Teacher-training Institutions, Timothy Lintner

Submissions from 1999


Cycle Starters: American Indian Doctorates as Role Models, Timothy Lintner

Submissions from 1997

Adults Back to School: A New Beginning, Timothy Lintner

Submissions from 1996

Learning a New Language: Reframing the Discourse on African Education, Timothy Lintner