Submissions from 1990

Victorian Didacticism and Family Structure: Francis Paget's The Pageant, and Early Young Adult Novel, Patrick G. Scott

Submissions from 1989

Fantasy and Reality in Mrs. Caliban, David Cowart

From Nuns' Island to Monkstown: Celibacy, Concupiscence, and Sterility in "The Dead", David Cowart

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Moncure Conway and Carlyle: A Bibliographical Addendum, Patrick G. Scott and Joel Myerson

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Submissions from 1988

A Few More Words About E.D. Hirsch and Cultural Literacy, Patrick G. Scott

Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know - With an Appendix: What Literate Americans Know, by Eric Donald Hirsch, Patrick G. Scott

From Bon Gaultier to "Fly Leaves": Context and Canon in Victorian Parody, Patrick G. Scott

Submissions from 1987


Figuring Hierarchy: The Dedicatory Sonnets to The Faerie Queene, David Lee Miller


A Few Still Later Words on Translating Homer, or C. S. Calverley and the Victorian Parodic, Patrick G. Scott

The Scottish Enlightenment and Early Victorian English Society, by Anand Chitnis, Patrick G. Scott

Victorians on Rhetoric and Prose Style, Patrick G. Scott

Submissions from 1986

Being and Seeming: The White Hotel, David Cowart


Spenser's Poetics: The Poem's Two Bodies, David Lee Miller

Bibliographical Problems in Research on Composition, Patrick G. Scott


The Origin of Species by Lord Neaves, Patrick G. Scott

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The Dangers of Structuralist Narratology: Genette's Misinterpretation of Proust, Meili Steele

Submissions from 1985

Charles Stuart Calverley, Patrick G. Scott

Writing Instruction in Nineteenth-Century American Colleges, by James A. Berlin, Patrick G. Scott

The Kailyard On The Veldt: George Douglas Brown's Life of Paul Kruger, Patrick G. Scott

Submissions from 1984

Arthur Hugh Clough, Patrick G. Scott

A Traveller with Regrets: G. S. Fraser Reconsidered, Patrick G. Scott

From Rhetoric to English: Nineteenth-Century College English Teaching at South Carolina, Patrick G. Scott

Genre and Perspective in the Study of Victorian Women Writers: The Case of Elizabeth Missing Sewell, Patrick G. Scott

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Divergent Composition Patterns and Editorial Problems in Clough's Poetry, Patrick G. Scott


Diverse Journeys: Free-writing, John Keats, and the Teaching of Poetry, Patrick G. Scott

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Two Antebellum South Carolinians in Edinburgh, Patrick G. Scott

Submissions from 1980

Black Writers, White Audience: A Critical Approach to African Literature, by Phanuel Akubueze Egejuru , Patrick G. Scott

J. M. Barrie: Glamour of Twilight, by Allan Wright, Patrick G. Scott

Flowering in a Lonely Word: Tennyson and the Victorian Study of Language, Patrick G. Scott

Flowers in the Path of Science: Teaching Composition Through Traditional High Literature, Patrick G. Scott

Linking Composition and Literature [an Assignment from King Lear], Patrick G. Scott


Matthew Arnold and Minimum Competency: the Nineteenth-Century British Experience with National Basic Skills Assessment, Patrick G. Scott

Three Literary Sources For Clough's "Farewell, My Highland Lassie", Patrick G. Scott

Submissions from 1979

The Tarzan Myth and Jung's Genesis of Self, David Cowart

Wise and Foolish Virgins (and Matrons) in Mansfield Park, David Cowart


Shelley, Mrs. Mason and the Devil Incarnate: An Unpublished Poem, Paula R. Feldman


Abandoning the Quest, David Lee Miller


Authorship, Anonymity, and The Shepheardes Calender, David Lee Miller

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Submissions from 1978


Cinematic Auguries of the Third Reich in Gravity's Rainbow, David Cowart

"Sacrificial Ape": King Kong and His Antitypes in Gravity's Rainbow, David Cowart

Heart's Events: Victorian Poetry of Relationships, by Patricia M. Ball, Patrick G. Scott

The Amazing Saga of Field Marshal Abdulla Salim Fisi, or How the Hyaena Got His, by Alumidi Osinya [pseud.] , Patrick G. Scott

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Submissions from 1977

Love and Death: Variations on a Theme in Pynchon's Early Fiction, David Cowart

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The New Clough Edition: Poems Of Arthur Hugh Clough, ed. F. L. Mulhauser, Patrick G. Scott

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