South Carolina Association for Middle Level Education Journal


The manuscript delves into the dynamic interplay between Afrofuturism and young adult literature and Middle Level English pedagogical inspiration to offer fresh perspectives on intersectionality, agency, and empowerment among marginalized youth. The authors explore how Afrofuturistic young adult literature authors are employing characters who navigate a multitude of identities, challenging traditional power dynamics, and dismantling oppressive structures. Through its incorporation of technological innovation, speculative visions, and the reclaiming of historical narratives, Afrofuturistic young adult literature creates new paradigms of empowerment and self-realization for all students, but especially Black girls. Works such as Kalynn Bayron’s The Poison Heart (2021), Namina Fornas’ The Gilded Ones (2020), and Nnedi Okorafor’s Akata Warrior (2017) exemplify the intricate Afrofuturist aesthetics, thereby providing middle level readers with both mirrors to their own experiences and windows into transformative possibilities.