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In an effort to more fully integrate publicity into the marketing and promotion mix, the present study examines the influence of product-related newspaper, television, and radiopublicity on Lotto sales in the state of Colorado. The results of the present study indicate that in addition to Jackpot size, television publicity has a statistically significant positive impact on Lotto sales, whereas newspaper and radio publicity do not. Consequently, in their efforts to generate favorable publicity, lottery managers should emphasize the dissemination of jackpot size information via the television medium. Moreover, considering the observed 90% duration interval of .8651 weeks for the influence of marketing variables on sales, a continuous media placement schedule is suggested.

The neat and tidy divisions separating marketing and public relations are breaking down. It may be that the best way to solve a marketing problem would be through public relations activities (Kotler & Mindak 1978).

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