Submissions from 2002

Constructing Access to Legal Abortion Servies in Mexico City, Deborah Lynn Billings, Claudia Moreno, Celia Ramos, Deyanira González de León, Rubén Ramírez, Leticia Villaseñor Matínez, and Mauricio Rivera Díaz

Abortion Care Services Provided by Registered Midwives in South Africa, Kim Dickson-Tetteh and Deborah Lynn Billings


Midwives and Postabortion Care: Experiences, Opinions, and Attitudes among Participants at the 25th Triennial Congress of the International Confederation of Midwives, Suellen Miller, Deborah Lynn Billings, and Barbara Clifford


A Community-Based Approach to Eliminating Racial and Health Disparities Among Incarcerated Populations: The HIV Example for Inmates Returning to the Community, Torrance T. Stephens, Ronald L. Braithwaite, Alyssa G. Robillard, Ramona Finnie, and Sha Juan Colbert

Submissions from 2001


Psychological States Following Resistance Exercise of Different Workloads, John B. Bartholomew, Justin B. Moore, Jan Todd, Terry Todd, and Christopher C. Elrod


Tattooing and body piercing among adolescent detainees: Relationship to alcohol and other drug use, Ronald L. Braithwaite, Alyssa G. Robillard, Tammy Woodring, Torrance T. Stehpens, and Kimberly Jacob Arriola

Submissions from 2000

Community Education Efforts Enhance Postabortion Care Program in Ghana, Traci L. Baird, Deborah Lynn Billings, and Bechesani Demuyakor


Is Malnutrition Declining? an Analysis of Changes in Levels of Childhood Malnutrition Since 1980, Mercedes de Onis, Edward A. Frongillo Jr., and Monika Blo¨ ssner


Challenges in communicating genetics: A public health approach, Muin J. Khoury, James F. Thrasher, Wylie Burke, Elizabeth A. Gettg, Fred Fridinger, and Richard Jackson

Submissions from 1999

Decentralising Postabortion Care in Africa: A Call to Action, Eunice Brookman-Amissah, J. E. Taylor, Traci L. Baird, Deborah Lynn Billings, Henrietta Odoi-Agyarko, Kathlyn P. P. Ababio, and Florence Quarcoopome

Creating Linkages Between Incomplete Abortion Treatment and Family Planning Services in Kenya, Julie Solo, Deborah Lynn Billings, Colette Aloo-Obunga, Achola Ominde, and Margaret Makumi

Submissions from 1995


The Effects of Malnutrition on Child Mortality in Developing Countries, D.L. Pelletier, Edward A. Frongillo Jr., D.G. Schroeder, and J.P. Habicht

Submissions from 1994


Playing to Grow: A Primary Mental Health Intervention With Guatemalan Refugee Children, Kenneth E. Miller and Deborah Lynn Billings