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This study aimed to determine if the Turner et al. (2018) framework allows researchers to identify and study relationships between food environments and individual food choice in diverse contexts and if updates to the framework are warranted. We mapped evidence from 15 drivers of food choice projects to the framework, using thematic analysis to identify common drivers within the food environment across countries and emergent characteristics not listed in the framework. The framework contained breadth and depth of content necessary to identify common drivers – prices and affordability, availability, and vendor and product properties. Insights regarding common drivers and emergent characteristics may inform iterative development of conceptual and empirical research and reinforce current strategies seeking to improve nutrition and health outcomes in LMICs through targeted policies and interventions.

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Constantinides, S. V., Turner, C., Frongillo, E. A., Bhandari, S., Reyes, L. I., & Blake, C. E. (2021). Using a global food environment framework to understand relationships with food choice in diverse low- and middle-income countries. Global Food Security, 29, 100511.