Mission and Vision


The Mission of the College Sport Research Institute & Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics is to encourage and support interdisciplinary and interuniversity collaborative college-sport research, serve as a research consortium for college-sport researchers from across the United States, and disseminate college-sport research results to academics, college-sport practitioners, and the general public.

In order to fulfill this mission, JIIA is intended to foster an atmosphere that encourages personal and intellectual growth for faculty and students, demands excellence and professional integrity from faculty and student affiliates, supports independent critical college-sport research, and advocates for college athletes’ rights and education.


CSRI & JIIA provide opportunities for independent, organized and focused cross-disciplinary research regarding college sport in the United States. Specifically, CSRI is committed to serving as a national clearinghouse for college sports research, building research capacity – both internally and externally – that increases the ability of students, faculty, and college-sport practitioners to perform research into issues in college sport.


CSRI & JIIA value:

  • Cooperative, collaborative research with affiliated faculty and universities;
  • Multi-disciplinary and multiple-perspective research;
  • Providing opportunities to develop research activities, supporting publication of college-sport research results, encouraging the presentation of research results to colleagues and the general public through hosting a national conference and publishing a peer-reviewed academic journal focused on issues in college sport;
  • Development of opportunities to disseminate college sports research data among other researchers involved in college-sport research; and
  • Utilizing technology and critical thinking to investigate issues in college sport.


In support of the institute’s mission, the College Sport Research Institute has the following Goals:

  1. Create public awareness of socio-cultural, economic, and political issues in college sport.
  2. Provide a forum for open discussion of relevant issues within the college-sport community.
  3. Build relationships within local, regional and national communities to generate funding for independent critical research into college sport.
  4. Generate local, regional, and national awareness of the College Sport Research Institute as a leader in college-sport research.
  5. Educate students, scholars, athletic administrators, college athletes, coaches, and the general public on college-sport issues.