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Bacterial infections have become a global issue that requires urgent attention, particularly regarding to emergence of multidrug resistant bacteria. We developed quaternary amine-containing antimicrobial poly(bile acid)s that contain a hydrophobic core of lithocholic acid in the main-chain. Interestingly, by choosing appropriate monomers, these cationic polymers can form core-shell micelles. These polymers exhibited biocidal activity against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial species. It is demonstrated that the micelles can deliver hydrophobic antibiotics that functionally have dual antimicrobial activities. Cytotoxicity assays against HeLa cells showed dosage-dependent toxicity for polymers with longer linkers.

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Ganewatta, M., Rahman, M., Mercado, L., Shokfai, T., Decho, A., Reineke, T., & Tang, C. (2018). Facially amphiphilic polyionene biocidal polymers derived from lithocholic acid. Bioactive Materials, 3(2), 186-193.