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The following paper focuses on the Ukrainian immigrant community living in the Upstate region of South Carolina and the vast differences in immigrant experiences of former and more recent Ukrainian Immigrants. Ukrainians have been migrating to the US since the late 1800s, but unfortunately, there are few studies available on this ethnic group.

To give readers a background on the topic, this paper first documents the history of Ukrainian immigration to the US by describing and comparing the four waves of Ukrainian migration to the United States. The following section introduces a questionnaire, created to collect data on the Ukrainian immigrants living in Upstate, South Carolina. This questionnaire was created based on recent studies, and several Ukrainian immigrants from within the community were individually interviewed. Topics of geographics, religion, language, and community involvement are covered in the questionnaire. The questionnaire results are used to explore the characteristics of 4th wave Ukrainians in the US.

The results support the hypothesis that 4th wave Ukrainians differ significantly from the previous waves of Ukrainian immigrants, in characteristics including push and pull factors, religion, culture, and language.