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The purpose of this research is to examine the factors that allow the forced displacement of Indigenious people and how this is facilitated by a negligent government. The current study is a content analysis on the literature available concerning Colombia’s environmental and business practices. The Colombian government has a history of ignoring its Indigenous people and not upholding the laws put in place to protect their cultural and land rights. Multiple businesses and groups have used this negligence to acquire mass amounts of Indigenous land to exploit for their gain, displacing thousands of Indigenious people in the process. Businesses like palm oil corporations, mining corporations, and cattle ranchers abuse land once used sustainably by Indigenous peop le by cutting down mass amounts of forests to be used as pastures or plantations. Some companies have reportedly been using paramilitary groups to harass Indigenous people into leaving their homes so the company can buy the land to be converted into production use. Regardless of these claims and existing land rights, the Colombian government has chosen to ignore and neglect Indigenous people. The Colombian government continues to ignore environmental regulations proposed by the courts and recommendations from Indigenous activists to improve relations. The Colombian government refuses to enforce its own laws and courts on matters related to Indigenous rights and wellbeing and continues to favor foreign business interests over its own people.