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Mass media has been a constant presence in our society. Through discussion of politics and subject matter that affects everyday life, mass media has given us information that has the power to sway public opinion. However, with that power comes consequences that at times would be dismissed by the media, but harmful to groups of people. A perfect example of those consequences branched from a series of accusations made about the heavy metal fan base. In the past few decades, metal heads have had fingers pointed in their direction in the midst of crises across the United States. What is the reason for this? Why is a genre of music, or rather the group of people who enjoy that genre, in the wrong? Violence, sex, drug abuse seems to weave into lyrics within heavy metal music, leading a sense of rebellion that attracts millions of fans. Thousands gather for concerts every year, head banging and jumping around in mosh pits to what most would consider senseless screaming, and for those who do not consider themselves fans, their judgement of this fan base can be a bit clouded. In this project, I researched how mass media can affect the judgement calls of the public about the heavy metal fan base.