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Background Effective implementation strategies are needed to address the challenges encountered by teachers in implementation of evidence-based HV prevention programs in schools. The current study: 1) compares implementation fidelity of Focus on Youth in the Caribbean (FOYC) plus Caribbean Informed Parents and Children Together (CImPACT)intervention using enhanced implementation strategies (including biweekly monitoring/feedback and site-based mentoring) to those using more traditional approach (teacher training only); and 2) evaluates the impact of school coordinators’ and mentors’ performance on teachers’ implementation fidelity and student outcomes.


Data from an enhanced implementation trial in 2019–2020, involving 24 government primary schools, 79 teachers, and 2252 students, were compared to data from a standard implementation trial in 2011–2012, involving 35 government primary schools, 110 teachers and 2811 students using mixed-effects modeling and structural equation modeling.


80% of the intervention curriculum in 2019–2020 compared to 50% curriculum delivery in 2011–2012. Teachers who had a “very good” or “excellent” school coordinator in their schools taught more core activities than those who had a “satisfactory” school coordinator (30.4 vs. 29.6 vs. 22.3, F=18.54, P


An evidence-based HIV prevention intervention can achieve a high degree of implementation when delivered with enhanced implementation strategies and implementation monitoring. Future program implementers should consider the purposeful selection and training of school coordinators and mentors to support low-implementing teachers as a potentially important strategy when attempting to achieve high-quality implementation of school-based interventions.

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Wang, B., Deveaux, L., Herbert, C., Li, X., Cottrell, L., Adderley, R., Poitier, M., Mortimer, A., Rolle, G., Marshall, S., Forbes, N., & Stanton, B. (2022). Comparing standard versus enhanced implementation of an evidence-based HIV prevention program among Bahamian sixth grade students: findings from nationwide implementation trials. BMC Public Health, 22.