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Adolescent; Adult; Aged; Aged, 80 and over; Attitude to Health; Data Collection; Female; Humans; London; Male; Medical Errors (prevention & control, psychology); Middle Aged; Patient Education as Topic; Patient Participation (methods, psychology); Patient Safety; Young Adult


BACKGROUND: In recent years, patient-focused interventions have been introduced aimed at increasing patient involvement in safety-related behaviours. However, patients' attitudes towards these interventions and comfort in participating in the recommended behaviours remain largely unexplored. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate patients' attitudes towards a video and leaflet aimed at encouraging patient involvement in safety-related behaviours. DESIGN: Two exploratory studies employing a within-subjects mixed-methods design. SETTING: Six hospital wards on an inner-city London teaching hospital. PARTICIPANTS: Medical and surgical inpatients: 80 patients in study 1 (mean age 55; 69% men) and 80 patients in study 2 (mean age 52; 60% men). INTERVENTION: Patients watched the PINK patient safety video (study 1) or read the National Patient Safety Agency's 'Please Ask' about staying in hospital leaflet (study 2). MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Perceived comfort in participating in safety-related behaviours; attitudes towards the video or leaflet. RESULTS: Both video and leaflet increased patients' perceived comfort in engaging in some (but not all) safety-related behaviours (P < 0.05). In both studies, the majority of patients questioned whether the intervention could help to reduce medical errors in health care. Suggestions on how the video/leaflet could be improved mainly related to content and layout. CONCLUSION: Video and leaflet could be effective at encouraging patient involvement in some safety-related behaviours. Further in-depth research on patients' attitudes towards different educational materials is required to help inform future policies and interventions in this very important but under-researched area.

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Davis, R. E., Sevdalis, N., Pinto, A., Darzi, A., & Vincent, C. A. (2011). Patients’ attitudes towards patient involvement in safety interventions: Results of two exploratory studies. Health Expectations, 16(4).