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Background: We evaluated smokers’ perceptions of heated tobacco products (HTPs) in Mexico, where industry publically lobbied to introduce HTPs into this country that banned both HTPs and e-cigarettes. Methods: Online surveys (November 2018 to July 2019) were analyzed from adults who only smoked cigarettes (n = 2091) or who smoked and used e-cigarettes (“dual users” n = 1128). Logistic models regressed HTP awareness, interest to trying HTPs, and having seen HTPs for sale (only among aware participants) on sociodemographics and tobacco-related variables. Results: Of the 17.1% who were aware of HTPs, 52.7% reported having seen HTPs for sale. Of all respondents, 75% were somewhat or very interested in trying HTPs. Compared to their counterparts, more frequent smokers, dual users, those exposed to online e-cigarette ads, and those with friends who used e-cigarettes were both more aware of and interested in trying HTPs. Greater awareness was also associated with higher education, recent attempts to quit, receipt of email e-cigarette ads, and smoking among friends and family. Seeing HTPs for sale was higher for those who recently attempted to quit, were exposed to e-cigarette ads online or by email, or had friends who used e-cigarettes. Conclusion: Interest in HTPs is high among smokers in Mexico, which already has a large black market for illegal e-cigarettes. HTPs use should be monitored in this context, especially given the public health impacts of HTPs are unclear.

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Cruz-Jiménez, L., Barrientos-Gutiérrez, I., Coutiño-Escamilla, L., Gallegos-Carrillo, K., Arillo-Santillán, E., & Thrasher, J. F. (2020). Adult smokers’ awareness and interest in trying heated tobacco products: Perspectives from mexico, where htps and e-cigarettes are banned. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(7), 2173.