Date of Award

Spring 2023

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Exercise Science

Director of Thesis

Ciaran Fairman

First Reader

Alex Brooks

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Alex Brooks


This article has the purpose of addressing the need for open science practices in the field of exercise science research. Open science is best defined as the call for greater accessibility and transparency in research (Chakravorty et al., 2022). With more accessible and transparent research, research can be conducted more thoroughly and efficiently. Additionally, the implementation of these practices would discourage many shady and unethical practices. The idea of open science is not without debate however. There are many concerns over the theft of scientific data and ideas, as well as the increased time and monetary costs associated with many of these practices. This narrative review addresses many of these issues, as well as provides potential solutions to issues currently facing exercise science research. The field of exercise science was chosen due to the lack of literature available on this topic within the field.

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