Date of Award

Spring 2022

Degree Type



Moore School of Business

Director of Thesis

Dr. Sung-Hee (Sunny) Park

First Reader

Dr. Kealy Carter

Second Reader

Dr. Kealy Carter


Over the years, there has been continuous discussion around the idea that extroverts dominate the business workplace over introverts and vice versa. However, depending on the work setting and skillsets needed, it is imperative to realize how certain business practices, personality styles, and relationship approaches are different in every scenario. For this research thesis, the goal was to compare the personality and attachment styles of students who study in two different cultural environments, seeing if there were any apparent relationships between the two variables and student behavioral tendencies. Previous studies have shown that personality, behaviors, and attachment levels can predict one's actions. The study conducted two versions of a survey that asked respondents about their perceptions and expectations when working and building relationships in professional work environments. One was sent to Darla Moore School of Business (DMSB) students at the University of South Carolina, and the other to Korea Tech and Chonnam National University (CNU) students in South Korea. Results showed relationships between the personality types and behavioral tendencies as well as both statistically significant and insignificant differences in attachment styles between introverts and extroverts. This further attests to the continued relevance and value that personality and relationships hold for understanding cultural and behavioral differences on national and global levels.

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