Date of Award

Spring 2020

Degree Type



Exercise Science

Director of Thesis

Dr. Abbi Lane-Cordova

Second Reader

Dr. Roy Matthew


Adverse pregnancy outcomes (APOs) are believed to be caused by poor placental formation. APOs can be characterized by elevated levels of a circulating Fms-like tyrosine kinase biomarker called Flt-1, produced by the placenta when its blood vessels are shallow or inadequately formed. Flt-1 acts directly on the maternal endothelium to impair vascular function during pregnancy and contributes to maternal features of APOs. This study aimed to evaluate the relation of Flt-1 and endothelial function in women soon after delivery. This study also aimed to evaluate the relation of Flt-1 and physical activity and sedentary behavior in women during and soon after pregnancy. The processes encompassed in this study included recruitment, data collection, data organization and reduction, performance of an ELISA assay, and performance of statistical analyses. Results demonstrated sFlt-1 tended to be higher in women with versus without a history of adverse pregnancy outcomes, but there were no significant associations with Flt-1 to vascular function after delivery and circulating sFlt-1 level did not differ by current or pregnancy PA level.

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