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Mari Humphreys


My goal with this study is to help sorority women break free of this pressure and stereotypical role they may feel inclined to fill, and to make them stronger women and leaders in the community. Studies have proven that religion is linked with lower drug and alcohol use, lower rates of suicide or suicide ideation, lower levels of depression and hopelessness, and a positive correlation with physical health (Smith, 2003). By creating a means through which to introduce God or expand on knowledge of God, this study has the potential to impact the overall quality of life for its participants. This is why I decided to bring my passion for Christ and my love for the Greek Community together by creating a five week Bible Study that is specifically intended for sorority women. My goal is to address topics that sorority women struggle with and provide them with comfort and support through the Word of God and proclamation of His immense love for us in order to improve their lives.

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