Hank Massaro

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Moore School of Business

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Pearse Gaffney

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Teel Evans


The goal of this paper is to identify whether single tier inventory management systems are still effective and useful for businesses in today’s more globalized economy. Multitier inventory management systems are very popular, especially for researchers who have mostly forsaken single tier systems in recent years so there was reason to question the viability of single tier systems. However, to determine whether these inventory management systems are still viable, I would also have to identify at least one significant business sector that would benefit from their use, as well as exploring their assumptions and mathematical background to identify the inventory characteristics that they could be best suited for. Ultimately, the findings confirmed that these single tier inventory management systems could function as originally intended for many small to medium sized businesses (depending on the complexity of their supply chain) as well as checks for multitier systems and the types of systems most likely to be used.

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