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Implied Warranty of Quality in Sales of Personal Property in South Carolina by William H. Blackwell… 1

The Constitutionality of the Proposed "Anti-Lynching" Bill by Robert W. Hemphill and J. Henry Woodward, 12

The Applicability of Common Law Rules of Evidence Regarding Admissibility in Proceedings Under the Workmen's Compensation Act by Howard Lamar Burns and William Hummel 22

The Prividelges and Immunities Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment by Thomas H. Pope, Jr. and Richard A. 30

Simmel Vs. Wilson by N. L. 37

Power of State to Tax Intangibles by Billy Coleman and Eldridge 39

Biographical Sketches


Thomas Hardeman Spain by Osborne H. 47

William Thomas Aycock by William H. 49

A Biographical Sketch of Harry Nicholas Edmunds by James D. 52

Elbert Marion Rucker by Harper 55


James Braddock Park by Howard Lamar 57

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