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Certain Limitations Upon the Rule That Publications Shall Not Be Subject to Prior Restraints, John C. Payne page 7

Due Process in Relation to the Bill of Rights, Howard Lamar Burns and William Hummel Harley, page 19

The Power of the State to Regulate and Fix Prices, G. Werber Bryan and R. H. Gayle, page 29

The Immunity of Federal Instrumentalities, Sam Rogol and Randolph Murdaugh, Jr., page 37

The Power of the President to Remove Federal Officers, Paul Taylor, page 44

The Right of Almost-Free Speech, Pinckiney H. Walker, page 49

A Discussion of General Motors Acceptance Corporation vs. Hanahan, William Hummel Harley, page 53

Biographical Sketches

Benjamin Deland Hodges, Theodore E. Ninestein, page 1

Joseph Daniel Pope, Randolph Murdaugh, Jr., page 56

Maurice Herndon Moore, Wesley M. Walker, page 58

Dean Thomas, Edward Harter, page 60

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