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A Day of Liberality in the Supreme Court, Robert G. Horine page 1

Beware Distresses!, Pinckney H. Walker, page 5

Tenancies and Their Termination,G. H. Pearlman and D. H. Means, page 7

Criminal Procedure in South Carolina, Randolph Murdaugh, Jr., page 11

Tax Titles, W. L. Harrelson and Paul L. Taylor, page 15

Tort Liability of Municipal Corporations, Walter H. Solomon, page 19

Imprisonment for Debt,William H. McDaniel, page 22

Civil Procedure in Magistrate's Courts, Walter B. Miller, page 26

Creditors' Bills, Wm. Scruggs Hope, page 30

Legal History and Biography

A Short History of the School of Law of the University of South Carolina, Ophelia Strickland, page 35

Eugene Blackburn Gary, Thomas H. Pope, Jr., page 40

Daniel Edward Hydrick, Paul L. Taylor, page 44

Thomas Boone Fraser, G. Werber Bryan, page 48

Richard Cannon Watts, Wesley M. Walker, page 51

George Wiliams Gage, Robert W. Hemphill, page 53

Thomas Perrin Cothran, Howard L. Burns, page 56

Thomas Joab Mauldin, G. G. Dowling, Jr., page 58

William Hay Townsend, Wm. Hummel Harley, page 60

Henry A. M. Smith, Bernard M. Thomson, Jr., page 63


Roger B. Taney, By Carl Brent Swisher, W. H. Blackwell, page 66

Hugh Swinton Legare, By Linda Rhea, John Hussey, page 67

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