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SC Upstate Research Symposium

Keynote Speaker; Dr. Christina Garner-McCune

Keynote speaker, Dr. Christina Garner-McCune

K to Gray AI Education: Considering the Early Frontier and Envisioning the Next Frontier

We are in an amazing place in history. We have the opportunity and privilege to shape AI Education as early as kindergarten through the current professional workforce. I am not talking about ChatGPT or making teaching and learning more efficient. AI in education is important and has a long and rich research base. Rather, I will share with you the history of the early frontiers in K-12 AI education (2017-present) and university-level adoption of AI Education for All. I will share examples and frameworks from K-12 AI Education, Undergraduate CS & general education.
In particular, I will share resources, lessons learned, barriers, and opportunities for developing the AI expertise of K-12 and university students, faculty, and administrators. I will highlight the catalysts, shifts in direction, momentum, and the precipice that we now stand on as we consider open questions in practice and research that need to be addressed in the next frontier. If the early frontier was about early adopters and proofs of concepts, the next frontier is about shaping the next generation of professionals, faculty, and administrators to grab a hold of these technologies and skills and envision lifelong AI learning at personal, communal, and professional levels.