2021 Student Awards

17th Annual SC Upstate Research Symposium Student Awards

Oral Presentation Categories

Award Winner

Exercise Science - Undergraduate Luca Ziegler
Presbyterian College
Grit and its Relationship with Athletic Performance in Female Collegiate Athletes
Mentor: Drew Brandel
Fine Arts - Undergraduate Jack Hines
Greenville Technical College
Mark V: Greenville's "Sound of the South" Studio
Mentor: Thomas Takayama
Health Sciences - Undergraduate Shelby Rader
University of South Carolina Columbia
Identifying Barriers to Diabetes Care Associated with COVID-19 in a Low SES Diabetic Patient Population
Mentor: Melanie Cozad
Health Sciences - Graduate Student Jasmine Cash
Medical University of South Carolina
Lower Extremity Responses to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Post-Stroke
Mentor: Mark Bowden
Mathematics, Computer Science, Informatics - Undergraduate

Scott Gangloff
Lander University
Predicting Student Retention Using Machine Learning
Mentor: Gilliean Lee

Natural Sciences I: Animal Behavior- Undergraduate

Zachary Woods
Lander University
Do DeerDilly Dally in the Day?; Determining White-tailed Deer Diel Activity in Response to Warming Weather
Mentor: Jeremy Morris

Natural Sciences II: Environmental Sciences - Undergraduate

Jaden Yam
Presbyterian College
Paleopalynology of the Eocene/Oligocene Transition in the White River Badlands of Wyoming
Mentor: Michael Rischbieter

 Social Sciences - Undergraduate

Tie Between:

    • Thomas Powell
      Lander University
      Fighting the Fires of Injustice: Why Nonviolence is the Best Solution
      Mentor: Ashley Woodiwiss
    • Griffin Thompson
      Spartanburg Community College
      Addressing Health Barriers for the Latinx Community in Spartanburg, SC
      Mentor: Araceli Hernandez-Laroche

Poster Presentation Categories

Award Winner

Education & Information Literacy - Undergraduate Aradaryn Singleton
Southern Wesleyan University
Undergraduate Anatomy & Physiology Student Definitions of Learning
Mentor: Staci Johnson
Education & Information Literacy - Graduate Annabelle Martin
Converse College
Examining the Soft Skills Deficit: The Importance of Related Arts Education in Social Emotional Learning
Mentor: Patricia Foy
Health Sciences - Graduate Emily-Rose Zhou
University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville
Accurate Diagnosis of B Cell ALL Mutations Using Karyotyping and Fluorescence In-situ Hybridization (FISH) in Adolescent/Young Adult and Adult Populations
Mentor: Christine Schammel
Medical Assessments - Graduate

Tie Between:

  • Rachel Hall
    University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville
    Multiple Myeloma with Neutrophilia: 2 Case Reports and Literature Review
    Mentor: Jenny Knight
  • Campbell Hathaway
    University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville
    Aspergillus Otomycosis in a Young Immunocompetent Woman
    Mentor: Steven Fiester
Molecular Biology - Undergraduate Tina Fadel
University of South Carolina Upstate
Does Vitamin B12 Affect Gene Expression in a Human Neuronal Cell Line?
Natural & Health Sciences - Undergraduate

Shelton Laney
Wofford College
Winner Take All: Male Field crickets with Better Jump Performance are also Better Fighters
Mentor: Jeremy Morris

 Social Sciences - Undergraduate

Kat Tran
University of South Carolina Upstate
Gone Viral: How Belief in QAnon Affects Adherence to Preventive Behaviors and Vaccine Intentions for COVID-19
Mentor: Justin Travis