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Presidents - The University South Caroliniana Society..... p.1
Address by Dr. William A. Link..... p.2
Report of Gifts to the Library by Members of the Society During the Past Year..... p.17
Papers of the Miller, Furman, and Dabbs Families 1818-2007..... p.17
Papers of the Fickling, Banks, and Edwards Families 1800-1959..... p.34
Oscar Jackson "Jak" Smyrl, Jr., Papers 1923-2007..... p.37
Hardy Family Papers 1808-1981..... p.41
Whitridge Family Papers 1784, 1791, 1814-1919..... p.56
Miscellaneous Items (Manuscripts, Letters, Photographs, Books, etc.)..... p.59
Selected List of Printed South Caroliniana..... p.94
Pictorial South Caroliniana..... p.96
Endowments and Funds to Benefit the South Caroliniana Library..... p.98
Members of the University of South Carolina Guardian Society..... p.103
New Members of the Society..... p.104
Society Officers and Executive Council..... p.104
Society Staff..... p.104


This is the program prepared for and distributed at the Seventy-Seventh Annual Meeting of the University South Caroliniana Society held April 6, 2013.

Executive Committee:

Mr. Kenneth L. Childs, president
Dr. Robert N. Milling, vice president
Mr. Franklin Beattie, vice president
Mr. Henry G. Fulmer, secretary/treasurer