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It was recently predicted [Phys. Rev. B, 193301 (2007)] that spin blockade may develop at nonmagnetic semiconductor/perfect ferromagnet junctions when the electron flow is directed from the semiconductor into the ferromagnet. Here we consider current-voltage characteristics of such junctions. By taking into account the contact resistance, we demonstrate a current stabilization effect: by increasing the applied voltage, the current density through the junction saturates at a specific value. The transient behavior of the current density is also investigated. We show that an abrupt change in the applied voltage is accompanied by a spike in the current density. It is anticipated that this is a common dynamical behavior of the current density in structures with conductivity depending on the level of spin polarization.


Pershin, Y. V., & Di Ventra, M. (2008). Current-voltage characteristics of semiconductor/ferromagnet junctions in the spin-blockade regime. Physical Review B, 77(7), 073301-1 - 073301-4. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.77.073301

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