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DUNE is a dual-site experiment for long-baseline neutrino oscillation studies, neutrino astrophysics and nucleon decay searches. ProtoDUNE Dual Phase (DP) is a 6×6×6 m3 liquid argon time-projection-chamber (LArTPC) that recorded cosmic-muon data at the CERN Neutrino Platform in 2019–2020 as a prototype of the DUNE Far Detector. Charged particles propagating through the LArTPC produce ionization and scintillation light. The scintillation light signal in these detectors can provide the trigger for non-beam events. In addition, it adds precise timing capabilities and improves the calorimetry measurements. In ProtoDUNE-DP, scintillation and electroluminescence light produced by cosmic muons in the LArTPC is collected by photomultiplier tubes placed up to 7 m away from the ionizing track. In this paper, the ProtoDUNE-DP photon detection system performance is evaluated with a particular focus on the different wavelength shifters, such as PEN and TPB, and the use of Xe-doped LAr, considering its future use in giant LArTPCs. The scintillation light production and propagation processes are analyzed and a comparison of simulation to data is performed, improving understanding of the liquid argon properties.

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A. Abed Abud, B. Abi, R. Acciarri, Acero, M. A., Márcio Rostirolla Adames, Adamov, G., Adamowski, M., Adams, D. L., Adinolfi, M., A. Aduszkiewicz, Aguilar, J. N., Ahmad, Z., Ahmed, J., B. Aimard, B. Ali-Mohammadzadeh, T. Alion, Allison, K. K., S. Alonso Monsalve, M. Alrashed, & Alt, C. (2022). Scintillation light detection in the 6-m drift-length ProtoDUNE Dual Phase liquid argon TPC. European Physical Journal C, 82.