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We propose a new high-resolution neutrino experiment within a dipole magnetic field, HiResMν. This experiment will run along with long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments (LBLν) such as NOνA, a large-cavity detector at DUSEL, or a Liquid-Argon detector in the Medium-Energy (ME) configuration of the NuMI-beam. Assuming the 120 GeV Main Injector proton intensities we anticipate 140(50) million νμ (⊽μ) Charged-Current (CC) events in the fiducial volume, for 3(4)-year run with the ME (anti)neutrino beam. Alternatively, the same statistics could be collected in just 1(1.5) year with the High Energy (HE) beam configuration. The goals of HiResMν are twofold. It will measure the relative abundance and the energy spectrum of νμ ,⊽μ , ve and e CC-interactions, which are directly relevant to LBLν. It will serve as an `Event-Generator' of real neutrino interactions to estimate backgrounds and efficiencies in LBLν. As such, it will provide a quantitative determination of the overall energy-scale of neutrino CC interactions and of hadronic multiplicities for all CC and Neutral-Current (NC) event topologies. In addition, it will perform precise measurements of electroweak parameters, of (semi)exclusive processes such as quasi-elastic, resonance, π0/ K 0 S Λ/charm-hadron production, as well as of the hadronic structure of nucleons and nuclei. We expect to reach a sensitivity of about 0.2% on the weak mixing angle by combining different channels. The new experiment will also perform searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model.

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Mishra, S. R., Petti, R., & Rosenfeld, C. (2008). A High Resolution Neutrino Experiment in a Magnetic Field for Project-X at Fermilab. Proceedings of Science.