The Intrinsic Conformal Structure And Gauss Map of a Light-Like Hypersurface in Minkowski Space

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We begin by pointing out two subtleties in the global properties of hypersurfaces in Minkowski space which inherit a uniformly degenerate metric (i.e., the existence of global space-like sections and the notion of an icon; see Appendices 1 and 2). We then construct a Gauss map for such hypersurfaces and an intrinsic invariant. This leads us to results concerning light-like hypersurfaces which parallel known results concerning surfaces in Euclidean space.


©Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 1989, American Mathematical Society

Kossowski, M. (1989). The Intrinsic Conformal Structure and Gauss Map of a Light-Like Hypersurface in Minkowski Space. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 316(1), 369-383. doi:10.2307/2001289