Defining Community Archives within Rural South Carolina

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Book Chapter

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library and information science


This chapter deploys qualitative interviews with employees of rural South Carolina cultural institutions to assess the state of their rural community archives in order to understand both the practices and needs of the institutions within their relationship to larger, traditional archives with the aim to better understand national trends around community archives. The research uses open-ended qualitative interviews based on snowball sampling focused on cultural institutions in populations de ned as “rural” by the state of South Carolina. Using snowball sampling allowed for communities to self-identify other cultural institutions previously overlooked in surveys of rural South Carolina archival holdings.


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Wagner, T. L., & Bischoff, B. (2017). Defining Community Archives within Rural South Carolina. In B. Real (Ed.), Rural and Small Public Libraries: Challenges and Opportunities (Vol. 43, pp. 155–180). Emerald Publishing Limited.