Global Perspectives: Exploring School-Based Brazilian Librarianship Through Institutional Ethnography

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Exploring the practices of school-based librarians in other countries fosters new knowledge, contributing to global communities of practice. In 2013, researchers conducted an institutional ethnography study of school-based Brazilian librarianship in South Brazil. Themes identified were: collaboration, literacy, instruction, technology integration, and the learning environment. Themes reflect common challenges faced by Brazilian school libraries such as institutional barriers to collaboration, division of instructional duties, access to materials, and staffing . Themes also speak to distinct ways in which Brazilian school libraries reflect the social and economic disparity between private schools and government-funded public schools, as well as Brazilian society at large.

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Green, L., & Johnston, M. (2015). Global perspectives: Exploring school-based Brazilian librarianship through institutional ethnography. School Libraries Worldwide, 21(1), 1–18.