Lost in Knowledge Translation: Our Shifting Research Landscape

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In 2018 there is a new research modality. Research is increasingly produced by individuals and organizations not formally affiliated with academic institutions; based on funding that does not come from the public sphere; aligned with and intended to support advocacy perspectives and is designed for use by particular communities and agents. The new research modality presents challenges and opportunities. While all of these new agents in the research landscape are well educated and qualified to conduct research, in many cases they are operating outside of the traditional research environment and perhaps with a different set of “research cultural norms”. This new research modality in fact begs for a solution similar to that promoted within the health sciences field –a model of knowledge translation. A panel of researchers drawn from across the new research landscape will engage with information professionals to discuss six key questions.

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Garcia‐Perez, A., Bedford, D. A., Jones, W., Freeburg, D., Tatian, P., & Testa, D. (2018). Lost in knowledge translation: Our shifting research landscape. Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 55(1), 673-676.