Potential Contributions of Social Media to the Creation of Communities of Practice Among Librarians

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One way of sharing knowledge among members of an organization is through commu- nities of practice (CoP). This research will focus on librarians as a CoP and how social media (SM) can foster the creation of CoP among librarians. SM facilitates the creation of communities online in which individuals can collaborate and exchange ideas and information. We will be exploring the Q&A social networking site (SQA) Quora. A content analysis was conducted in an attempt to explore the content on Quora and classify the information shared in order to determine if it can support a CoP of librarians. This step will help the researchers determine future global research and professional implications.

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Colón-Aguirre, M., Freberg, K., & Scripa, A. Potential contributions of social media to the creation of communities of practice among librarians. e-Motion, 94.