Encouraging Interdisciplinarity: The Impact of Assignment Requirements on Students’ Use of Interdisciplinary Sources in an LIS Research Methods Course

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Interdisciplinary scholarship has been recognized as that which “[…] draws upon the theories, methods and paradigms of more than one discipline to solve a particular problem that is too large or complex to be addressed by a single discipline […]”(Meyer 2014, 323). When the topic of interdisciplinary research in library and information science (LIS) arises, it is usually accompanied by the suggestion that LIS should engage in more interdisciplinary research, especially as a way to prepare to tackle the problems the LIS community faces, which cannot be solved with the knowledge produced by a single discipline (McNicol 2003, 23). It can be argued that LIS has become more interdisciplinary in its research over the last twenty years. Historical studies of the use of sources and literature outside of library science indicate a lack of use of interdisciplinary sources (Gatten 1991, 579). But subsequent research and reviews of LIS research have indicated a change in the form of upticks in the use of sources outside of the LIS literature (Chang and Huang 2012; Herring 1999, 361).

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Bright, K., & Colón-Aguirre, M. (2021). Encouraging interdisciplinarity: the impact of assignment requirements on students’ use of interdisciplinary sources in an LIS research methods course. In Brecha Entre Investigación y Práctica Biblotecológica. Cómo Reducir la Distancia (The Gap Between Research and Library Practice. How to Reduce the Distance). Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. https://ru.iibi.unam.mx/jspui/handle/IIBI_UNAM/161