You’re So Sensitive! How LIS Professionals Define and Discuss Microaggressions Online

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This study analyzes a lengthy online discussion thread about racial microaggressions in a social media group for librarians to find out how library and information science (LIS) professionals define and discuss microaggressions through informal conversation. The findings reveal that there are multiple and conflicting understandings of microaggressions, along with significant gaps in knowledge regarding how microaggressions relate to larger systems of power and privilege. This research has implications for LIS educators and for the professional development of LIS practitioners, underscoring the further need to actively teach about microaggressions in the context of power and privilege in the LIS classroom and in continuing education settings.

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Sweeney, M. E., & Cooke, N. A. (2018). You’re so sensitive! How LIS professionals define and discuss microaggressions online. The Library Quarterly, 88(4), 375-390.