Library and Information Center Accessibility: The Differently-able Patron's Perspective

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library accessibility, equity of access to information, differently-able, disability (and social construction of)


This article explores library services and accessibility in public, school, and academic libraries from the perspective(s) of patrons who are differently-able.1 For this study, five individuals, each of whom has unique experiences with disability and society, participated in in-depth interviews. Qualitative data analysis revealed the following themes: love for libraries and reading; disability as a socially-constructed phenomenon; physical limitations and barriers to library accessibility and services; technology and adaptation; and legislative compliance versus compassion. Through participants’ voices, the study lends understanding to the ‘‘lived experiences’’ of library patrons who are differently-able and offers suggestions on how library accessibility may be improved

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Clayton, C. A. (2011) Library and information center accessibility: The differently-able patron's perspective. Technical Services Quarterly, 28(2), 223-241.