An Information-Based Approach to Organizational Change Management.

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Purpose Though information dissemination is widely viewed within organizations as an outdated method for initiating behavior change, this study aims to suggest that it can still be effective if done strategically. The study proposes and implements the knowing model, which suggests that an individual must be aware of information about a target behavior change, integrate that information as knowledge, and be motivated to act on that knowledge. The study highlights several barriers and strategies for overcoming those barriers.

Design/methodology/approach The model was implemented in a case study within a religious organization that wanted to increase giving behavior. Leadership and members engaged in several focus groups both before and after a three-month information campaign.

Findings Results show that members had a better understanding of the target behavior, a gradual shift in beliefs about the target behavior, and an increase in perceived susceptibility to consequences related to inaction. As a result, members and leadership indicated an increase in giving behavior in unexpected and beneficial ways.

Originality/value The knowing model is a low-resource approach useful as a first step in change management. It is helpful when organizations acknowledge the need for change in a given area without knowing how that change should look.

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Freeburg, D. (2020). An information-based approach to organizational change management. VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems.