The Diversity We Seek: A Document Analysis of Diversity and Inclusion in the Australian Library and Information Sector Job Advertisements

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library job ads, library recruiting, diversity and inclusion


A finding of the 2019 Australian Library and Information Association’s Workforce Diversity Trend Report was that the diversity of Australian communities has not translated to diversity in the library and information science professions. In the wake of this report, we reviewed how Australian library and information science job advertisements discuss and recruit for diversity in their organisations. Drawing from a sample of 208 job advertisements collected from 22 January to 22 February 2019 and 86 job advertisements collected during 22 January to 3 February 2018, and using qualitative and quantitative document analysis, we provide an analysis of how the wording in library and information science job advertisements can specifically invite application from diversity groups including people with a disability, LGBTIQA+, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, culturally and linguistically diverse groups, age, and by gender.

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Muir, R., Thompson, K. M., & Qayyum, A. (2020). The diversity we seek: A document analysis of diversity and inclusion in the Australian LIS sector job advertisements. Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association, 69(4), 473-495.