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Book Chapter

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library science education, diversity and inclusion


When we incorporate diversity and inclusion into Library and Information Science course design and content and build communication and learning frameworks in the classroom on inclusive principles, we build a cohort of students who cannot “unsee” these basic principles as they engage in practice. By designing lecture and activity materials that allow students to read and engage with different perspectives about professional values and content, we create opportunities for awareness building and prepare students to engage with the same practices as they join the profession. This chapter provides insights for and examples of how to create courses that bring diversity, equity, and inclusion into its very design.

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Thompson, K. M., & Copeland, C. (2021). Making the diversity, equity, and inclusion mindset indispensable in the LIS classroom through design, content, communication, and assessment. In K. Dali & N. Caidi (Eds.). Humanizing LIS education and practice: Diversity by design (pp. 63-76). Routledge.