After Access: An Inquiry into ICT Use Factors for Indian Women

Anindita Paul, Information Institute of Management Kozhikode
Kim M. Thompson, University of South Carolina - Columbia
Jannica Heinstrom, Åbo Akademi University

© Association for Information Science and Technology 2015

Paul, A., Thompson, K. M., & Heinström, J. (2015). After Access: An inquiry into ICT Use Factors for Indian Women. Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 52(1), 1-10.


Nations have made great strides in providing physical access to digital technologies and educational opportunities, yet barriers still exist that prevent those who have strong physical and intellectual access to information and communication technology from taking full advantage of the information and opportunities the technology offers. Women in particular are affected by social barriers which may be quite subtle and are easily excluded from taking an active role in the information society. This study explores how Indian women incorporate information and communication technology (ICT) into their daily lives and what aids or barriers they face in the process. This study contributes to an understanding of factors that lead to Indian women’s current use of ICT, reasons why Indian women choose to use ICT, and barriers to this usage.