Everybody’s Teacher: Administrators’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of School Librarians: Findings from the South Carolina Association of School Librarian’s Impact Study.

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In late 2013, the South Carolina Association of School Librarians (SCASL) commissioned a study on the impact of school libraries and librarians in South Carolina. The purpose was to assess the extent to which school libraries transform schools by contributing to student success. The SCASL study, completed in 2014, was conducted by Dr. Keith Curry Lance and his associates at the RSL Research Group. Phase two of this study analyzed data collected in surveys of South Carolina school administrators, teachers, and librarians. This article presents the views of 273 administrators and 917 teachers who responded to the surveys. Among other findings, this article describes administrators’ and teachers’ per- ceptions of the school librarian’s role in collaborative teaching and leadership activities. Included are quotes from district- and school-level administrators. Findings indicate that administrators value the policies and practices of school library programs, as well as the collaborative teaching and leadership roles that librarians play in schools.