Thin-film heterostructures are necessary building blocks for superconducting and phononic quantum computing devices. Many new generations of quantum hardware demand extensive materials research to optimize performances at cryogenic temperatures (below 10 K). Here, we demonstrate compact cryogenic measurement systems capable of reaching sub-10K temperatures in less than three hours with the ability to measure AC/DC resistance and dielectric properties of thin-film materials. Our platform utilizes Gifford-McMahon (GM) cryocoolers as effective tools for providing high throughput cooling-warming cycles. We successfully used the GM-based measurement systems to measure 1) the superconducting transition temperature for Nb thin films (Tc ~7.8 K), and 2) the temperature dependence of the dielectric constant in SiO2 thin films down to 10 K. The fast electrical characterization feedback will be critical in developing robust materials and components for cryogenic computing devices.

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