Luke M. Jacobus


Abstract: Nine mayfly species (Insecta: Ephemeroptera) that may be of conservation concern in South Carolina are discussed. Three such species associated with sand-bottomed streams are Acanthametropus pecatonica (Burks, 1953), Dolania americana Edmunds & Traver, 1959 and Homeoneuria dolani Edmunds, Berner & Traver, 1958. Three species of potential concern are associated with Hornleaf Riverweed (Podostemum ceratophyllum Michaux, 1803), and they include Barbaetis benfieldi Kennedy, 1985, Heterocloeon berneri (Muller-Liebenau, 1974) and Tsalia berneri (Allen & Edmunds, 1958). Mayflies of slow or stagnant waters that may be of conservation concern in South Carolina include Arthroplea bipunctata (McDunnough, 1924), Macaffertium lenati (McCafferty, 1990) and Siphlonurus decorus Traver, 1932. Biological, ecological and geographic distribution studies of each species are reviewed. The South Carolina record of A. bipunctata is questionable. New data are provided for S. decorus.

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