Wenyu Guo

Date of Award

Summer 2023

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation


Educational Studies

First Advisor

Yang Wang


Building on AsianCrit, reader response theory, and critical literacy perspective, this dissertation study investigated how second-generation Chinese American students at age eight to twelve respond to culturally relevant texts which portray contemporary and historical Chinese American people’s lives and experiences in the United States. In addition, this study explored how these students negotiate their understanding of race, racism, and anti-Asian racism through associating with the stories, their everyday experiences, family traditions, and interactions with peers and researcher in a community-based book club. Specifically, this study examined how students of Chinese descent respond to xenophobia, discrimination, and racism towards Asian people, especially people of Chinese descent, during the COVID-19 pandemic through reading a text set and news related to COVID-19 and hate crimes. Situated within a critical theory paradigm, this single-site, collective case study forefronted and recentered Chinese American experiences with contemporary and historical relevance, providing students a space to reflect on and (re)negotiate their racial experiences as Chinese Americans in the United States.


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