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Open Access Dissertation


Physics and Astronomy

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Ralf Gothe


Exclusive electroproduction of ω(782) mesons in the reaction ep → epω → epπ+π−π0 was studied from the production threshold, through the third resonance region, and beyond. With electron beam energies close to 6 GeV, the kinematic range covers W = [1.72, 2.60) GeV and Q2 = [1.85, 5.15) GeV2. By combining two sets of data collected by the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility’s wide-acceptance spectrometer (CLAS), the largest set of resonance-region differential cross sections, d2σh dΩ∗ , for ω electroproduction have been produced. Response functions RT + LRL, RTT , and RTL were extracted to provide a view of how the cross sections and interference terms depend on the production angle, which is a requirement of singleand coupled-channel analyses that aim to probe the content and dynamics of hadrons and, by extension, of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD).


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