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AlGaN∕GaNheterostructure field-effect transistor design using capacitively coupled contacts (C3HFET) is presented. Insulated-gate [C3 metal-oxide-semiconductor HFET(C3MOSHFET)] has also been realized. The capacitively coupled source, gate, and drain of C3 device do not require annealedOhmic contacts and can be fabricated using gate alignment-free technology. For typical AlGaN∕GaNheterostructures, the equivalent contact resistance of C3 transistors is below 0.6Ωmm. In rf-control applications, the C3HFET and especially the C3MOSHFET have much higher operating rf powers as compared to HFETs.C3 design is instrumental for studying the two-dimensional electron gas transport in other wide band gap heterostructures such as AlN∕GaN, diamond, etc., where Ohmic contact fabrication is difficult.