Effective Healthcare Process Redesign through an Interdisciplinary Team Approach

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Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences, Health and Physical Education


Healthcare process redesign is a complex and often high risk undertaking. Typically, there is a limited understanding of the baseline process and often inadequate tools by which to assess it. This can be confounded by narrow redesign team expertise that can result in unanticipated and/or unintended redesign consequences. Interdisciplinary research teams of healthcare, biostatistics, engineering and computer science experts provide broad support for a more effective and safer approach to healthcare process redesign. We describe an interdisciplinary research team focused on medication administration process (MAP)redesign and its achievements and challenges.


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Snyder, R., Huynh, N., Cai, B., Vidal, M.J., Bennett, K. (2013). Effective Healthcare Process Redesign Through and Interdisciplinary Team Approach. Studies in Healthcare Technology and Informatics, 192, 1138-1138.