Fourier-Transform Infrared Imaging Using A Rapid-Scan Spectrometer

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Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Engineering Physics


We present a major improvement to the Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) imaging technique brought about by replacement of the commonly used step-scan spectrometer with a rapid-scanning spectrometer. This advancement dramatically decreases the time required for data collection without decreasing the data quality. With this new instrumental setup, an imaging data set consisting of 64×64 spectra with a 4‐cm−1 spectral resolution over a 1360‐cm−1 spectral range can be collected in 34 s. As a practical example, we demonstrate what we believe to be the first application of FTIR imaging to the screening of adsorbates on the elements of a combinatorial library containing different supported catalyst materials in the same reactant feed.

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Snively, M.C., Katzenberger, S., Oskarsdottir, G., Lauterbach A.J. (1999). Fourier-Transform Infrared imaging using a rapid-scan spectrometer. Optics Letters, 24(24), 1841-1843.


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