Modification of Spatio-Temporal Pattern Formation in an Excitable Medium by Continuous Variation of its Intrinsic Parameters: CO Oxidation on Pt(110)

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Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Catalysis and Reaction Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Polymer and Organic Materials


The phenomenology of spatiotemporal concentration patterns associated with the catalytic oxidation of CO on a Pt(110) surface for conditions of excitability as monitored by photoemission electron microscopy is affected by deposition of submonolayer quantities of Au. This is due to continuous variation of the intrinsic kinetic parameters while the degree of homogeneity of the medium on the mesoscopic scale remains unaltered.

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© Physical Review B, 1994, American Physical Society

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Asakura, K., Lauterbach, A.J., Rotermund, H.H., Ertl, G. (1994). Modification of spatio-temporal pattern formation in an excitable medium by continuous variation of its intrinsic parameters: CO oxidation on Pt(110). Physical Review B, 50 (11), 8043-8046.