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Chemical Engineering


Niobium was doped into anatase TiO2 support at 10 mol % (Nb0.1Ti0.9O2) using sol-gel chemistry. A PtRu/Nb0.1Ti0.9O2 catalyst was synthesized by LiBH4 reduction in tetrahydrofuran. The methanol electro-oxidation activity of the catalyst shows that this oxide support was electrically conductive. The current (A/gPt) was 6% higher on the PtRu/Nb0.1Ti0.9O2 catalyst compared to a commercial PtRu/C catalyst at 25°C. The electrochemically active surface area of the PtRu/C was 94% higher than PtRu/Nb0.1Ti0.9O2, thus the current per active site was 100% higher on PtRu/Nb0.1Ti0.9O2. A membrane electrode assembly with PtRu/Nb0.1Ti0.9O2 had 46% higher current (A/gPt) than an equivalent E-TEK membrane electrode assembly at 70°C.